Customise your Denim with Ande Whall

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andewhall.jpgIf you have tree trunk thighs or long legs then you’ll find it hard to find jeans that fit exactly the way you want them to. Things would all be so much easier if someone would customise your jeans for you before you bought them. But who would do such a thing? If this were a TV show, at this point ‘one man denim workshop’ Ande Whall would burst through a wall and say an unfunny line. But it isn’t so I’ll just have to link to his site.

Working off 6 templates, Ande Whall makes made-to-measure jeans from scratch. They have lengths of up to 38″ – and as a possessor of long legs, hearing that is enough to make me drool onto my keyboard – and customise the jeans according to your wishes. In a world of mass production, as shown by Richard’s post earlier today, it’s heartening to know that your jeans are made lovingly made by one person from start to finish. For custom made denim the prices are great value, starting at just £75. Sure you could get some people’s market jeans for £40 but why not spend a little bit more and get jeans designed just for you?