Blood, Sweat and T-shirts review

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blood sweat and tshirts.jpg The premise of ‘Blood, Sweat and T-shirts‘ is simple; get six fashion fanatics – who all seem to be doing their hardest to be unlikeable – send them off to a sweatshop and see how they cope. Do they crumble or do they start sewing 1000 garments a minute with one hand tied behind their back?

They crumble, obviously. But the show seems intent on seeing just how badly they crumble. Seeing as they crack at the first factory – the Rolls Royce of factories in India – it would be blindingly obvious that they wouldn’t cope with lesser conditions. But by the end of the show, they’re packed off to some factory where a sinister looking boss makes his workers sleep on the floor and work 18 hour shifts.

Seeing as the show repeatedly boasts about how this is the ‘first time ever’ a TV camera has been allowed inside these factories, you’d think they’d spend more time getting to know the workers, supervisors and owners of this operation. But instead the focus is on an annoying bunch of brats who cry and moan about everything, like they hadn’t agreed to go on a show about working in a sweatshop.

This topic would have been much better served by a BBC4 Saville Row type documentary that allows the subjects to speak for themselves. Instead what we’re left with is the Apprentice: Sweatshop edition.