Pop It Like It’s Hot…Snoop Dogg’s Cognac Copy

snoopdogg.jpgSnoop Dogg has some explaining to do! Over at Fashionista, they have spotted this rather blatant copy of Jean Paul Gaultier’s ‘Le Male’ perfume bottle for his new Landy Cognac ‘Desir’ bottle design. Snoop Dogg is the latest spokesperson for the alcohol brand but he seems to be running dry of ideas (pardon that shocking pun!) So what do you think- horrific homage or careless copy?

By Will Reid | April 23rd, 2008

Will ReidPop It Like It’s Hot…Snoop Dogg’s Cognac Copy
  • Mambo

    Do you actually think Snoop Dogg designed that bottle? C’mon, he’s just a front man. If anybody stole the idea, it was the people in the design department.

  • TLP

    The first “buste” bottle was from Schiapparelli…
    Long time before Gaultier…