You Would If You Could: Busy Boots

Will Reid Designer Spotlight, Footwear Leave a Comment

gold+boots.jpgAfter too many torturous nights of Cotton Eye Joe and Cowboy-clad cankles, customised boots have been effectively ruined. From D&G to Calvin Klein, embellished boots have done the rounds this season and I want in on the action. My brown leather Chelsea’s have blurred into wardrobe background and now I’m looking out for glittery, brightly coloured boots without any Simon Cowell heel. I don’t want hi-tops or Converse-style trainers but proper Dior Homme-on-a-budget boots.

I long for studs, ribbons and mismatched thread but am slowing coming round to the fact that this sartorial desire may prove too much for the humble streets of home. Can you imagine turning up to Tesco’s with these 2005 Dior Homme beauties (above) or rocking up to a meeting in Lanvin’s metallic-caps? Hopefully the wonderful Rei Kawakubo will have included some in her upcoming H&M collaboration and come November I will be striding into Shiny Towers with my feet draped in a concoction of silk and shine.

But for now I’m turning my painfully plain heel on the idea.