Who’s the bigger style icon in the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards or Charlie Watt?

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Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards may have recently fronted a major ad campaign for luxury label Louis Vuitton (and worn drainpipe jeans waaay before Kate Moss ever did), but he’s still pretty puzzled as to how he became the band’s major fashion icon.

Keef says bandmate Charlie Watts has always been “the most stylish member” of the group while he himself took to wearing his mam’s clothes…

“He [Watts] spends his time on the beauty and the cut of clothing. There he is on Savile Row [street in London famous for men’s tailoring], and I’m the fashion icon?” he told to The Times. “Fashion thinks more about me than what I think about it. I just wore what I wore and people noticed. When I got older I wore my old lady’s clothes. If you notice, all the buttons are the other side.”

Other interesting tidbits from the interview:

– “The sexiest thing a woman could wear? Being stark f***ing naked. Show me a woman who is faithful, and I won’t believe you.
– “I don’t do underwear. I never do the washing. How would I know whether my clothes stink? I throw them away.”