“Design me a t-shirt at Threadless.com” demands a swearing-festooned Moby

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So this year we’ve had pop stars asking you to write them songs. We’ve had them asking you to name their “product”. Any other odd-jobs the pop firmament needs a hand with?

Yes. How about MAKING THEIR BLOODY CLOTHES? OK, not making exactly. Nobody’s asking you to sit there stitching together some home-made underwear for the Pussycat Dolls (I know, shame – you can have a go and send it to them anyway, that’s what I do).

If, however, you’re feeling artistically inclined and are a fan of Threadless t-shirts and/or Moby, you’re encouraged to submit designs for beanhead’s new t-shirt along the theme of Last Night (the title of his new album).

Understandable really, when you see what the mad little multi-millionaire chooses to sport when left to his own devices (see pic, above right). Honestly, the last time I saw someone in a t-shirt with “fuck” repeatedly written on his clobber, it was on a gentleman who was trying to molest a pigeon in a shopping centre.

You might want to take a look at the entries that have already been submitted if you’re thinking of entering this comp, mind. They are pret-ty, pret-ty good. You’ve only got until 1st May, so if you want to win the $500 Threadless gift certificate and $2000 cold, hard moolah that are going as first prize, you better make with the Crayola and get scribbling.

Visit Moby’s Threadless page

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