Celeb Style- TGI Friday Fashion with Ashton Kutcher, Russell Brand and Gok Wan

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ashton.jpgBeing boring, tired and suffering from a slight addiction to Russell Brand meant that I spent most of Friday night in front of the TV watching a double whammy of my favourite shows. Yes, for those who missed it, the 25th of April saw The Friday Night Project (with Gok Wan) and Jonathan Ross (with Russell Brand and Ashton Kutcher) provide an excuse for home imprisonment across the UK.

But with this line-up of talent came a few great dollops of style brilliance; Russell’s flip-flops, Gok’s “tin-foil” shirt, Alan’s jumper and skinny tie- the list goes on. I however, have decided to present you with the look I see as most wearable.

See after the jump for details of the great get-up.

gok.jpgThe green and rep stripe makes me think that Ashton’s bomber jacket is from Gucci and need I point out the brilliance of his subtle but constructive colour-match scarf? Forget witty quips and envious looks, when a celeb claims that “I was upset when I saw his flip-flops ’cause I had moccasins on and if I had known we didn’t have to wear shoes…” you know he has deserved his mention on Brandish.

Also noticed by yours truly was Ashton’s watch- I have just bought myself a large-face watch and know how hideously tricky it is to juggle flash with trash. The silver-link strap and black face allows Ashton to get off with this generally over-sized piece of wrist candy. The sad news: Cameron Diaz was supposed to be appearing with Kutcher but is dealing with a death in the family. Full marks Mr. Kutcher!