Marilyn Manson makes Mansinthe, wins awards

marilyn manson mansinthe absinthe.jpgNot only has the cutely monikered ‘God of Fuck’ brought out an absinthe named Mansinthe it has actually won an award.

Mansinthe is a natural absinthe, distilled from vermouth, aniseed, fennel and other fine herbs and was awarded a gold medal at the 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Manson’s girlfriend recently admitted she’d tried the 66.6% proof tipple with interesting results: “For my birthday, I did one shot to try it, and that was it, I was drunk immediately.” adding: “One shot of it, and you’re out for the night. Three shots of it, you’re dead.”


By admin | April 28th, 2008

adminMarilyn Manson makes Mansinthe, wins awards
  • Derian

    I need to taste that…