The Apprentice anti-style award

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Newspapers and Magazines (including me) have all fallen in love with Mad Men’s sense of style. While no one (bar the BNP) wants any other values in the show to return, the fashion sense displayed by the men in that show is constantly returned to. And from watching the Apprentice, it’s clear to see why.

There are many contenders to the anti-style award on the Apprentice, be it Simon and his quiff or Alex and his bucket hats (surely no one can find a man who wears bucket hats attractive, they’re like the male equivalent of Ugg boots). However, Matt Lucas doppelganger Kevin Smith wins the award hands down. Firstly, there’s his hair. He clearly has a receding hairline, yet he chooses to accentuate this by doing his hair into spikes. In addition to this, It’s also a hair style that doesn’t suit smart attire. So he ends up looking like an old office worker who saw the Kaiser Chiefs at the weekend and thought he’d try being hip.

I would go on about his suits, but what’s the point? Nearly everyone, bar Raef, on the apprentice has horrible formal attire. Instead I’ll focus on his choice of leisurewear. Leather Jackets suit most people, but Smith should stay well, well away from them. While he was aiming for the fashion forward look, he ended up with the mid-life crisis look. In fact that sums up his whole style ethos – call it the ‘I’m going through a mid-life crisis and I want everyone to know’ look. It’s soon to be taken up by millions of office workers worldwide.