John Travolta ‘taches up for the Taking of the Pelham One Two Three remake

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john travolta pelham 123 movie film moustache.jpgJohn Travolta’s new look might raise some eyebrows but at least its better than his dubious hairpiece concoctions we’ve seen in the past.

Not content with starring in the remake of the classic film ‘Hairspray’ (and then refuting that there was anything gay about it…) John Travolta is donning the handlebar moustache for the remake of the Taking of the Pelham One Two Three which will also star Denzel Washington.

The original Taking of the Pelham One Two Three was adapted from a book of the same name and was a thriller about a subway train hijacking. I’m not convinced that this remake (there was another remake in 1998) will be any good, to judge for yourself I’ve put a clip of the original after the jump, surely they can’t do better?

Featuring an amazing cast including Walter Matthau and Robert Shaw –and an even better soundtrack– the original film has such amazing cinematography and strong visual aesthetic that it’s unforgettable viewing. For a film that so deftly captures ’70s New York it’s vastly underrated compared to more well-known films of the era like Taxi Driver.