British Knights returning to shoe shop near you

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bknights0.jpgBeing that I’m barely halfway through my twenties, it’s hard to talk about ‘blasts from the past’ without someone rolling their eyes and claiming I’m not old enough to be properly reminiscing over things. Sort of like how I roll my eyes at teenagers getting teary-eyed about the eighties.

But when I heard British Knights were going back into production I instantly fell into a wistful daze, recalling memories of visiting Cobra Sports to buy another pair of trainers (buy 9, get your 10th free!) With an esoteric appeal that Nike, Adidas and Fila didn’t have, BKs were a sign you knew (i.e. took an educated guess and convinced others) what the kids in New York were rocking.

The original models are being faithfully reproduced, alongside some new collaborations and re-designs. Four shoes each are dropping in early May and mid-June – recreating the 1989 collection – plus the ‘Purple Wizard Moccasin’, designed with in conjunction Gio Chiappetta.