Trends: Watch & Wear- Navy SEAL Zeal

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00010f.jpgList any of this season’s It-items and chances are they are water-related or wave-inspired. Yes, that means you boat shoe, loafer, plimsoll, striped tee and navy (hello!) blue shirt.

The mood is light yet determined and spray-in-the-face cool. Imagine sea-side escapades (emphasis on the imagine) and sand between your toes as you loosely raise that striped knit from your oversized Jil Sander mesh-holdall.

Look to the collections of Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton (left) and see after the jump for a full report of this operation. Oh, my fellow SEALs, the time has come for a full-scale suppression of those autumnal tones.

(Image Source: Armando Grillo)

topman.jpgI know I am constantly calling for the end of winter blues but this is it- when Marc Jacobs says jump I have learnt to ask how high. Is anyone else over days of sipping tea and forcefully shivering just to remind themselves they aren’t crisp with frostbite? Okay, maybe I over-exaggerated a bit on that last one but honestly, if it rains again I am stealing a Lanvin parachute dress from Brown’s and using it as a ship sail.

Luckily for us high-street scavengers out there, Topman has jumped on board (pardon the pun) this trend and the jumper on the left could almost be Louis Vuitton. In my last trend report, I talked about the retro-cool of two-tonal clothes and this jumper is a great example. Wear it around your shoulders with faded skinny jeans and a Madras shirt or go all out with a white House of Holland-style logo tee and Wham-white (officially recognised in my little world as an actual colour) short-shorts.

I would actually suggest plimsolls over boat shoes for this look as they are cool, different , as easy to wear as flip-flops but less spotted on dreaded Euroflashers.

Accessorise with earthy bracelets/anklets/rings and various trinkets. My personal inspiration for this look has to be the bottom half of Roger Federer, top half of Jean Paul-Gaultier and face of Captain Jack Sparrow (with dreadlocks and all.)

Who needs buried treasure when you look like a model from a D&G commercial?

Jumper, Topman, £16