More shots of Kanye’s new Nike collaboration ‘Air Yeezy’

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kanyeezy.jpgMore photos have surfaced of Kanye West’s signature shoe the ‘Air Yeezy’. Looking increasingly like a pair of Jordan III’s with some straps and extra bits of Kanye’s other favourite shoes (Ato Matsumoto’s cowhide boots) glued on, I’m beginning to wonder whether Mr. West fell asleep watching Back to the Future II.

It wouldn’t be a bad place to start for a self-styled trendsetter like Kanye. Marty McFly’s acid washed Levi’s two-piece/gillet/check shirt/braces combination encapsulated ’80s fashion in an outfit that still looks good now, however outdated. Just make sureyou do it right.

No word yet on a release date for the Air Yeezys, but expect to see your local hypebeasts scratching each other’s eyes out to get a pair when they do drop.