Everyday Fashion Miracles: Vintage Variety

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I happened through a series of make-believe fashion-related and totally cool occurrences to be watching Britain’s Got Talent the other night and as a result I was witness to the horror of Hoop La La. No, this is not some Christian cult or Paganistic ritual it is the work of Jessie, Craig and Tina; a group of students hoping to make it big with their hula-hoop act.

After watching I was inspired to right a piece on vintage clothing and while unexpectedly drawn from the image of a Scot in hot-pants, there is greater reasoning after the jump.

tartanvintage.jpgAnyway, forget the freak show of a performance and look to the leg-warmers, headbands and 70s-style gym shorts.

This afternoon I did a bit of a vintage rekkie and found myself these tartan short shorts (left.) This is only the latest chapter in my second-hand sojourn and other recent purchases have included smoking jackets, ties and last year I even found my sister a pair of black, patent Miu Mius. Enjoy the musk of over-worn pieces and the feel of having a fashion history. Over Easter I was in New York and bought a few vintage tees from a shop in Greenwich Village. The shop-owner was able to tell you the background of every item and this was unimaginably interesting and not at all off-putting (is it terrible that I didn’t want to wear the shoes of a man who died of some flesh-eating skin disease?) One of the tees had the slogan ‘Have A Coke, Have A Smile’ and now I can wear it and imagine that I (and a group of sun-aged hippies) our the only people with it hanging in our wardrobes.

For now though, I look forward to a possible purchase; a tweed cape with silver fastenings and an oversized collar. The story behind it? It was part of the school uniform of an Inverness prep-school but it’s big enough to fit any man who cares for it.

Now I don’t see any vintage school uniform at Topman, do you?

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