Another day, Another On-Set Horror…

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Thumbnail image for mattdamon.jpgMatt,

We at Brandish have talked about this and I drew the unlucky straw of having to tell you that your outfit, you know the glasses and print-knit jumper; well you’re just a little late for the geek-chic look.

Check Luella S/S 2008 or Raf Simons A/W 2005 and you’ll see that while you were in leathers and manmade fibres doing Bourne Identity, we were rocking Clark Kent shades and vintage ties.

See after the jump for more information and pictures.

mattdamon2.jpgThe real reason for Matt’s strange look is that he is starring in the film ‘The Informant’ about Mark Whitacre, an executive who became infamous when he was exposed as an FBI- you guessed it-informant.

After Jim Carey’s Donatella-dressing and John Travolta’s handlebar moustache, what next? If the key is the re-hashing of trends, my bet’s on Jack Black in fluoro-pink skinny jeans. Please let that me true.