Poll: Do you like short shorts?

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short shorts facehunter style salvage.jpgShorts shorts disappeared off the radar for a bit at Brandish but the sun has come out, the Sartorialist is obsessing over cuffing and at Style Salvage they’re getting all heated over the guy on the left, so they’re back on our minds.

Bang on time for Wednesday here comes a poll for you to add your tuppence worth, let us know what you think of short shorts after the jump.

By admin | May 14th, 2008

  • Those short shorts are basically “Daisy Dukes” on that pasty dude and they make him look trashy.
    Not everyone can follow this trend this season. Short shorts look good only on guys with toned legs that have some colour. If your legs are muscular or way too hairy stick with knee length regardless of the trends. Who wants to see some old dude with hairy sticks for legs in short shorts??? That can be a bit obscene if you know what I mean.

  • Chace

    to qualify my “yes only if they’re indecent,” I would have preferred yet another choice like “yes only if they’re indecent and the wearer is under the age of 25”

  • ray

    im 12 going into secondary school and my
    new school uniform is grey short shorts and
    blue jumper i dont know why the shorts are so short its a very conservitave school

  • Dan

    blow the knee shorts are only a recent thing for me. in the 70s and before, shorts for boys were above the knee or higher. If you look at some old boy scout uniforms you’ll see what I mean; and the boy scouts are a christian institution.

    Anyways, more on topic, short shorts are awesome no matter the gender, but leg hair needs to be either trimmed or shaved and never tight fitting, lest you show off some “muffin thighs”.