Go all Clark Kent with these glasses

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optic glasses.jpg

If you’ve been suitably superhero inspired, you’ll know that the starting point is the specs. While metallic blues look great on their own, geeky spectacles give it an extra boost. These Salt Alec glasses transform any Joe Schmoe into Clark Kent, who dressed much better than Superman.

While these are great for all those who do need glasses, if you don’t you might feel like a fraud. Just how a lot of people feel like idiots wearing sunglasses – preferring to squint when they walk down the street – you’d surely feel a bit silly pretending to need glasses. If you can get past that then these are retailing from £142.

By admin | May 19th, 2008

  • Vincent

    i would like to have a pair pls send me a link to order. thanks and they look awesome

  • Hi Vincent
    This post was from a few years ago but you might still be able to find them here: