Chloe Sevigny to create Opening Ceremony range for men

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chloeopeningceremonymensrange.jpgAfter all the hype surrounding her début collection for Opening Ceremony, it looks like Chloë Sevigny may be about to do it all over again, with a new menswear range on the cards.

Word on the street is that the Big Love actress is planning on collaborating with the US label again on a range for guys, that will also be available in girl versions.

“Not only did I want to do something for the guys in my life, but a lot of my girlfriends prefer to wear men’s stuff,” Sevigny told Style File.

“I think what they like about men’s clothes is the fit. So I don’t want to change that. It’ll be a new challenge.”

The female versions will not any different tailoring, they will simply be available in smaller sizes. Sevigny also revealed that had it not been for the writer’s strike, which left her in New York for fourth months, there might have been been a follow-up collection much sooner.

“If I had known that I [was going to have] that time off, I probably would have thought about doing another collection. But I’m really looking forward to doing something completely different, too,” she added.

Chloe’s debut womenswear collection was very ’90s inspired so I’m predicting flannel shirts, Margiela style wide-shouldered blazers and maybe even white jeans.