US GQ- June 2008: Shia LaBeouf by Peggy Sirota

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shiagq.jpgThere seems to be a formula for the young star; grey, Dior Homme-style suits, Converse-style trainers and now the latest addition; faux facial hair.

Here we have Shia LaBeouf- star of the latest Indiana Jones film. LaBeouf has come a long way since his days as the curly haired, Hawaiian shirt-wearing Louis Stevens and the cover of this month’s US GQ sees him in great trench coats, nautical-inspired knits and skinny jeans.

I do, however, object to that follicle growth appearing in his mouth region (could I have made that sound any more disgusting?!) It looks like GQ have got the make-up artist to pencil in a goatee. Ugh!

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By Will Reid | May 21st, 2008

  • “Converse-style trainers?” C’mon, guys, you’re a fashion blog; you should know better. Those are Converse Jack Purcells.

  • I can vouch for Will when I say I’m sure he knows his All Star from his Purcells. I’m pretty sure he was just was merely talking about the generic style of young male stars.