The Feeling’s Dan Gillespie Sells sports skeezy loafers

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dan gillespie sells feeling loafer.jpgThe Feeling were papped playing at a Cannes party in Soho House yesterday and as usual they were all looking very well dressed. I don’t care much for their music but they have done for rolled-up shirts what Timmy Mallet did for plasters on the chin.
Lead vocalist Dan Gillespie Sells caught my eye as he was in mid-rock out pose sporting a pair of skeezy loafers complete with requisite clashing socks. Fashion and humour rarely make a good mix but skeezy loafers are a personal favourite of mine. See after the jump for the ins and outs of skeezy loafers.
(Image: Richard Young/Rex Features)

The best kind of skeezy loafers have a gold nugget on the upper, otherwise known as the coffee bean of quality. This denotes a loafer of superior craftsmanship and style and will set you apart from your peers. Chunky white sports or bright socks are a must, a pair of skeezy loafers requires the ankle/foot area to be a taste free zone.
I haven’t managed to track down any with the elusive coffee bean of quality, but this tan pair from eBay have a classy bit of chain and the added bonus of snakeskin effect.
Rokit’s pair on the right (£35) are also pretty skeezy and the kiltie is most definitely on trend.skeezy loafer the feeling dan gillespie sells.jpg