Brandish Poll: Thom Browne or Tom Ford?

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newyorktimes.jpgImage: Eric Johnson for The New York Times

Thom Browne and Tom Ford are without a doubt two of Brandish’s favourite designers and so imagine my surprise when I got e-mailed this article from the New York Times. It compares the work of both men and includes such literary gems as “the Tom Ford man is an Anglicized gloss on Hollywood style, while Thom Browne’s designs evoke the hipness of eternal adolescence” and Tom Ford’s brilliant definition of masculininty; “to be masculine is to fuse the debonair cut of a Savile Row suit with the swagger of a star from 1970s pornography.”

I made the Brandish team answer this rather sadistic question and you can see their (unwilling) answers after the jump along with a Brandish Poll.

Isabelle O’Carroll, Editor
“Thom Browne all the way! Tom Ford may well be very stylish in a classic, almost satirically masculine way but Thom Browne is pushing the fashion envelope.”

Jason Dike, Writer
“I much prefer Tom Ford. Whilst I appreciate everything Thom Browne has done for Men’s fashion over the last couple of years, I wouldn’t actually wear any of his pieces. Tom Ford’s pieces can be worn by nearly anyone whilst Thom Browne’s pieces look horrific on anyone who isn’t an emaciated model.”

Will Reid, Writer
“I have to say Tom Ford for the simple fact that he sent male models down a runway with cigarettes, velvet blazers and tumblers of gin. I admire the staging of a Thom Browne show and his look is iconic but he doesn’t project a lifestyle. I like to have icons, books and films attached to the trend I am following and with Ford I can pretend that I’m at a 1920s premiere, not a 1920s freak show.”