French Connection navy deck shoe

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boat shoe deck french connection.jpgWe’ve said it before, but deck shoes are the best choice for this summer. Flip flops are too scruffy and although canvas shoes are a good staple they’ve become a little ubiquitous.

You might remember the slightly dodgy Office deck shoe I wrote about last week, these deck shoes from French Connection (£50) are much more the kind of thing you should be aiming for.

The navy and weathered black colours are much more modern than fusty brown and look great with jeans and khakis alike. Even better, deck shoes go really well with shorts perfectly straddling the divide between smart and casual. Just don’t go popping the collar of your polo shirt if you don’t want to look like an idiot.

By admin | June 3rd, 2008

  • i

    you are surely kidding me?!

  • I’m afraid it’s true. I’d be the last person to start co-opting Sloanewear but if you avoid the merchant banker clichés they can look surprisingly fresh and modern.

  • Paul S

    I am looking for a white pair deck/ boat shoe and not having much luck. Any advice on where to try most welcome.

  • I found shoes Phranz-Phabulous from ecko red that is white/pink.This shoes is really nice and good looking.Here is also shoes for men and kids.