Brandish Special: Men of Mumbai

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mumbai9.jpgAfter visiting Mumbai I am more convinced than ever that fashion is one of those things that unites the World. In these let few days I have seen a harsh and gripping poverty but also a vibrancy and pride that made for some great sights. Prepare for home-made man bags, children challenging fashion rules and prints that wouldn’t look out of place on a Burberry runway. There is no insensitivity intended here but an appreciation for the contagious positivity so inspirationally radiated by these young Men of Mumbai.

Keep reading for great street-style shots and a rather phenomenal blend of fabrics, styles and looks.

Sorry for the mobile phone photos- The Sartorialist I am not. I was in a car for most of the time I was taking the photos (hence the Nick Knight effect with all those dodgy reflections!) Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

Thumbnail image for mumbai1.jpgI spotted this Mumbai male carrying an actual DIY man-bag. It was made of paper with a cut-out handle and fold-over quality that closesly resembled the Louis Vuitton ‘Limelight.’ Perfection!

mail-1.jpgThis guy was just so unbelievably cool! Slinked over with hands in his belt and deep-blue flares I was excited at his colour-coordination as only a fashion writer could be.

mumbai2.jpgI laughed at this because the boy was so nonchalant with his style and it was obvious he hadn’t been aiming to form any ‘look’ but only last week Scott Schuman (the now in-London Sartorialist) had stated on his blog the difficulty of the “half-tuck shirt.”

mumbai.jpgSad to see but eye-catching in its quirkiness- this boy was dressed so simply but carrying a mother-of-pearl vintage tray with gold borders and heavy lacquer; a striking paradox.

mail.jpgI loved this guy becasue he was so noticable and stunning in his banana-yellow shirt and blue flares. The shirt was tight-fitting and with rolled up sleeves and a small bracelet he looked comfortable yet surprsingly cool.

mail-2.jpgThis shirt was a great print- hilariously contrasting the sunshine surroundings with its automnal leaf print and reminding me of Burberry Prorsum A/W 2008.