Would you buy from a company that had an unsavoury owner?

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I bring this up because the Guardian has an article about American Apparel’s founder Dov Charney, focusing on a recent sexual harassment case of his and talking about his previous sexual harassment cases. Just how much does the owner of a company affect whether you buy their product?

On one hand American Apparel don’t use sweatshops and make affordable ethical clothing, although the quality on some of the pieces could be improved. But on the other hand, you have an owner who has had multiple sexual harassment charges brought against him, a marketing campaign that is offensive to some and – despite what some might say – devoid of irony. It becomes a question of which is the lesser evil and the answer isn’t a simple one.

By admin | June 5th, 2008

  • ressay

    If i’d wanted a lecture on the moral and ethical dilemmas of consumerism and the mass market i’d have bought the Guardian myself… best stick to fashion if i were you…

  • Jason

    It’s not as if fashion and consumerism are separate entities.

  • James

    Here’s what I know, if I was a girl working in the corporate side of American Apparel and I wanted some extra cash – I’d file a lawsuit. It seems like easy money, you’d get a ton of press and you’d at least have an excuse not to show up at the office for a while.

    That’s why I’m thinking that if any of these were legit, we wouldn’t be hearing about them so often. If all you really wanted justice, would you go to The Guardian and TMZ? Mhmmmm….

  • Jason

    Why wouldn’t we be hearing about them? This is a high profile company that uses sex as a prominent tool in its marketing campaigns. The news that their founder may have sexually harassed their employees is a newsworthy one. You seem to imply that the defendants are making this up out of thin air, but he settled his last harassment case out of court – which you don’t usually do if you’re sure you’ll be found innocent.

    Also, what does she have to gain from lots of press? While she may have some sympathizers, a lot of people are going to try and drag her name through the mud and accuse her of just wanting money – like you just did.