Esquire magazine’s best dressed list

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Esquire magazine’s best dressed list has been gathering attention lately – mostly for not featuring David Beckham. Hopefully, other magazines will follow suit and realise that they’re not contractually obliged to include Mr Beckham on the list. People who did make the list include Jeremy Paxman, Barack Obama, Lapo Elkann, Fabio Capello, Christian Bale and Lupe Fiasco.

Kanye West is notably absent from the list and adding insult to omission, someone even manages to spell his name wrong. I wouldn’t describe Fiasco’s style as ‘outlandish hoodies and oversized trainers’ (how do they know his trainers are too big for him?) but West’s style is certainly more refined than Lupe’s.

By admin | June 11th, 2008

  • I completely agree with the lists omission of David Beckham. On Lupe, he certainly has a lot of style, it just seems to be a slightly less overt version of Kanye’s. Lupe seems to have evolved from the smaller skater based style to a more varied one, as shown by the scarf in the picture in the independent link you gave. Right now, I still think Kanye has better style, he tries things and pushes boundaries. Lupe is certainly on the way, but i see less personal style and more a version of Kanye’s style.