Sir Paul Smith interviews Paul Weller

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weller_smith.jpgIn case, like me, you missed it over the weekend, the Independent’s Saturday supplement ran a great interview with two icons of modern British fashion, Paul Smith and Paul Weller. Even better, Sir Paul, a long-time Modfather fan, was the one asking the questions.

Touching on the two Pauls’ early fashion influences, their creative processes and interweaving history (and Weller’s £250 ‘scrapbook’, currently being sold in Paul Smith stores) it’s an excellent read.

By admin | June 11th, 2008

  • gramsci

    What a bore. Both of them.

    And Paul Weller has now decided that politics ‘bores the shit’ out of him? More like he’s completely abandoned the principles for which he used to campaign and for which he was much lauded – and he doesn’t know how to justify it.

    What an utter buffon.