Boxfresh and Raleigh collaborate on BMX bike

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boxmx.jpgI only post this because it caught my eye over on Highsnobiety as being steeped in nostalgia. Boxfresh and Raleigh are two brands that were massively prevalent in my younger days. They’ve come together to create a BMX bike that has been released in a ultra-limited edition run… of 2 (come on now – even that Stussy/Honda collaboration scooter a couple of years ago had 10 units produced).

Anyway, it’s all made me want to break out the old BMX and try to bunny hop over a kerb without breaking my back. Pics of the detailing after the jump…

bxfshbmx01.jpg bxfshbmx02.jpg bxfshbmx03.jpg bxfshbmx04.jpg