Puma Endangered Species Collection trainers

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met_puma.jpgYou know you’ll want to be SPOTTED out and about in these! Ha! Haha! Huh. These trainers are a collaboration between Puma, Atmos NYC and National Geographic photographer Mitsuaki Iwago, apparently. See how they have animal print and the words “South Pole” on them? What that means is that they are in honour of an endangered species.

I’m not sure wearing these means you’re likely to save any soon-to-be-extinct fwuffy animals, but at least you can show people that you think damn hard about such matters as you pick out expensive footwear.

Atmos’s website seems to be too cool to provide any details regarding anything whatsoever, so if you want a pair you might need to get your Google on, folks.

[source: mocoloco.com]
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By admin | June 19th, 2008

  • Ben

    They look nice but I guess these are snow leopard skin? I’m not sure if snow leopards actually live at The South Pole.

    Who says fashion has to make sense 🙂

  • Stuart Waterman

    Yeah, I think logic left the scene the moment someone had the idea to commemorate dying species via footwear…!