Topman’s Black Trouser Project

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Love it or hate it, the opening of another Topman in the UK would be met with nothing more than a shrug. In fact, given their ubiquity, it would be met with a half shrug at best. However, news that a Topman will open in New York has created so much attention that Topman started the black trouser project to showcase some up and coming designers.

Featuring designers Patrick Ervell, Tim Hamilton, Aitor Throup, Ann-Sofie Back and Todd Lynn, this is the next logical step from their white shirt project. If you had to compare the two projects, I’d say that this is slightly more daring as there’s less you can do with trousers without making them totally unwearable. They’ll be available from October from $120 in the NY flagship store. I assume they’ll be available from the Oxford Circus branch and online as well from around the same time.

By admin | June 19th, 2008


    watch out this is the beginning of young/new designer exploitation that topman does so well. no credibility in this project. the store will be a flop and internal conflict will see this brand go straight back to their dark times in the 80’s/90’s.