Body Shop For Men Face Scrub: the best a man can get?

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Body_Shop_Face-Scrub.jpgWhen it comes to the whole grooming palaver, I still have a resolutely male approach. I don’t mind using facial scrub, or moisturiser – I just want to find one that I like, that works for me, and I’ll stick with it. I’m not too interested in trying every facial scrub on the planet, though I was half-expecting to in order to find one that I liked enough to use every day.

Then I received a gift pack of Body Shop for men stuff, and that was it – their Face Scrub was the one for me, and has been ever since.

It’s not heavy on the lather, but it’s also not like washing with a handful of sand. It’s the perfect midway point. And even better, you don’t need to use much to feel like you’ve stripped your mug of grime, so it lasts for ages. And at £7 you know you’re not being ripped off. I highly recommend.

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