Back to the Future II Nikes are here, seven years ahead of schedule

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mmfbttfii.jpgAfter years of daydreaming, freeze-framing stuttering VHS tapes and doodling personal interpretations on scraps of paper at school (or was that just me?), the wait is over. Nike have finally realised Marty McFly’s famous Back to the Future II shoes

…Or at least a close approximation. July 26th will see the release of a ‘BTTF inspired’ Hypderdunk, complete with blue/grey colourway and speckled midsole. Ok, they’re not an exact replica and there’s no auto-lacing function, but it’s a start, right? There’s no word yet as to whether McFly 2015 are satiated and celebrating an overdue victory.

Heads up for any US9s feeling a bit flush, have a pair available for £250.