Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back On Style.com…

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liberacebath.jpgIs it just me or has Style.com been handed over to the likes of M. Night Shyamalan and Wes Craven? Yes, it has previously been the site of some mad fashion experiments but after the ghost model (I know, I can’t stop mentioning it!) and now this video on the home of Liberace, one can only look for popcorn and blankets and hope for the worst.

The video, ‘Viva Liberace!’ involves a tour of Liberace’s Las Vegas home and whilst undeniably vulgar, I have to admit that the (in)famous pianist sure had a taste for the finer things. Howevr, in case you don’t believe my theory that this is a horror film in the making, read this quote from the tour guide; “as we’ve been walking around he’s been listening to us, he’s been watching us.”

See below for stills from the video including ceilings painted by Michelangelo’s relatives, stairs swathed in roses and much more…Beware!

liberaceceiling.jpgThe ceiling of Liberace’s house which was painted by a relative of Michelangelo.

liberaceroom1.jpgThis was Liberace’s ‘Morroccan Room’ and saw many a party. It was especially decorated to form a ‘sanctuary’ for the pianist.

liberacebathroom.jpgThis is the infamous ‘Liberace Bathroom’ and shows a great big tub, a few velvet curtains and a few plates of glass. I’ll stop before the mental imagery kicks in.

liberacestairs.jpgThis staircase is covered in purple silk and roses and sits right at the front of the house, through the gold leaf doors and behind the statues of Librace himself.

liberaceface.jpg “As we’ve been walking around he’s been listening to us, he’s been watching us.” Scared yet?

To watch the whole video visit style.com