A.P.C. Butler Worn Out series

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apcwornj.jpgAt the peak of the raw denim obsession, everyone and their grandmother were turning their back on distressed jeans in favour of a DIY approach. Get a fresh pair, work in them, sleep in them, bathe in them: all in preparation for the unique fade that’d appear after the first few washes.

The A.P.C. ‘Butler Worn Out’ series taps into the spirit of the ‘lived in’ look by throwing out the hand sanders and pumice stones… and replacing them with someone who’ll actually live in them before they hit the shelves.

It’s an interesting concept, but it throws up a few issues. Namely the sizing problems you’re likely to get with someone wearing (and stretching) your jeans before you – and whether A.P.C. should be asking typical retail prices for what are essentially second hand goods.