Jeremy Jackson’s eyebrows: yay or nay?

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jeremy jackson eyebrow threading hobie baywatch.jpgLook at little Hobie from Baywatch, such a promising future of pumping iron and wearing a pair of jeans with carefully handpainted Stars and Stripes. If you can bear to glance to the right you’ll see the Jeremy Jackson of 2008. Enlarge the photo and it becomes apparent that the most unsettling thing about Jezza are his eyebrows, to his credit they are immaculately threaded but I can say that because I’m a woman with an eyebrow obsession.

If you have no idea what eyebrow threading it involves a piece of cotton thread wound tightly and placed in the beauty therapist’s mouth while she makes ‘chicken head’ motions to give eyebrows so perfect they would make your dad weep. Take our poll after the jump and let us know whether I’m being unfairly harsh on poor Hobie/Jeremy or he in fact deserves the ribbing.

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By admin | July 7th, 2008

  • Possibly more disturbing than his eyebrows is the fact he is only 27 years old!

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