Does this guy pull off the short suit look?

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yayornay.jpgThis portrait of a F.I.T student in New York magazine’s look book isn’t technically a short suit, it’s a blazer with shorts – but it’s close enough. We’ve seen a multitude of badly worn short suits lately but this one is a lot closer to looking good than the rest. For starters the top half is great – nicely tailored blazer, great shirt and nice use of colour with the tie. The bottom half, however, is a different story.

For starters his short shorts are too wide, and make his legs look like matchsticks. But the socks are really what kill the outfit for me. But enough of my opinion, what do you think? Take the poll after the jump and let me know if you reckon this chap finally got the short suit right.

By admin | July 8th, 2008

  • frances Ricks

    This suit is sort of goofy…. jeez!, take your hands out of your pockets. Tailor the shorts, no elastic drawstring. Change the socks & shoes and it would look much better.

  • Will Reid

    It’s Brett Kane- Fashionista’s male intern…

    I like it- but the best thing by far is his “4TS” comment..ha,ha…