YSL Men S/S 09: A Different Kind of Preview…

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ysl.jpgFor this season, the genius designer Stefano Pilati has decided to preview the label’s menswear collection in the form of seven incredibly arty mini-films. The first, called ‘Figures Entwining’, has an undeniable beauty and fragility, but I have to admit that I was a little freaked out by the androgynous and almost child-like models.

See after the jump for a look at all the preview films.

ysl3.jpgCinematic Bodyscape

This clip shows a man against a landscape of clouds and other dusty-looking things. He stands silhouetted by the sunlight and the camera captures the details of his outfit perfectly. This is great because it is arty but still masculine, and gives a different look at the collection.

ysl4.jpgScreen Test

This is my favourite of all the clips as far as set-ups go, as it just has a fab overlay and the monologue read in different languages throughout is a great recurring touch. The zoom of the camera and introductions of the model at the beginning of each clip slightly detractsin my view, but this is made up for by the great outfits.


This video is quite peaceful and I love the pastels of the first outfit. In my opinion it is the most real of the fashion-flicks, and you get a deeper feel for the campaign. We also witness a whole new side to the YSL man.

ysl6.jpgLight & Shadow

I am a fan of the darkness of this short – there’s flashing drama as the lightbulb swings, and you aren’t sure what’s going to appear next. I think the tailoring is great and shows how subtle, yet bold, the clothes are. A perfect edge to a rather preppy collection.

ysl7.jpgHedonistic Bodyscapes

This shoot begins morbidly but blossoms into an enigmatic glimpse at the classic modernity of the looks. The body shots give a feel for the character of the clothes. It’s desire but not sleazy; this serves as a summary for the entire collection.

ysl8.jpgFigures Unfurling

This is simply beautiful – the artistry of the entire scene is just amazing and there is that slightly tarnished euphoria that I feel when I watch all the mini-films. The jacket seen on the main man is fantastic and I think this serves to show the maturity of the season, but also that static edge that has catapulted the likes of Agyness Deyn to such heights.

To watch the shorts for yourself, visit ysl.com