A Bit of Fun: 80sTees.com

Will Reid Clothing, Entertainment Leave a Comment

80stees.jpgAs part of Google Mail, you are constantly bombarded with adverts for whatever your e-mails are about. For me, that is largely fashion and therefore, I receive links to sites such as 80sTees.com. This online store proved to be pretty good; I wasted about half and hour going through the memorabilia.

See after the jump for my top picks-including a Karate Kid t-shirt, awesome NEW YORK MTV t-shirt and an incredible Freddy Krueger jumper (who cares if it’s not entirely wearable-it’s a “deluxe replica”!)

NYMTV_New_York-T.jpgThis MTV shirt, by Junk Food, “features a distressed print of “New York”” and comes in off-white. 100% cotton and available in four sizes (S, M, L, XL,) it is worth it’s £14 price tag.

karatekid.jpgThis t-shirt stood out to me simply for its “Bow To Your Sensei!” slogan. Does it get any cooler? The product description explains that the tee “features Sensei Kreese of the Cobra Kai. One of the only rules Sensei Kreese lives by is on the back of the shirt, “Fear Does Not Exist In This Dojo”.” In 100% cotton and “gold,” this is only £10.

Freddy_Costume.jpgThis is my ultimate 80s pick- a Freddy Krueger jumper. I saw the “Freddy-style belt” and thought it might me more poplar but why not go for the jugular (pardon the pun!) This is available in two sizes and 100% Acrylic Yarn. It is meant to be worn as a costume but, that’s what some say about John Galliano’s collections.

Buy online at 80sTees.com