Top Five (okay, 4): Shiny Media’s Embarrassing Fashion Moments

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Shiny Media’s Christmas Dress-Up

After my latest embarrassing fashion incident, I asked different Shinies “What Is The Most Outrageous Thing You’ve Ever Done In The Name of Fashion?” The answers were varied but pretty hilarious all-round.

It’s all wild stuff here on Brandish; a feast of dress-driven adventures and sartorial sacrifice! Continue reading for answers from some of British blogging’s biggest stars.

willtwitter.jpgStuart Waterman, Editor of My Chemical Toilet
Stuart was…“always too timid! There was a Global Hypercolour t-shirt back in the day, naturally.

My fave story that I can think of is my brother – he had a pair of black brogues which he painted with Tipp-Ex to turn into a pair of spats! It worked pretty well, too…”

Susi Weaser, Editor of Shiny Shiny (and wearer of awesome hair)
“I lost a fair amount on online roulette because I needed to pay for a ridiculous hair cut.”

Richard Gilzene, Writer for Brandish
“Most of my fashion decisions are planned with military precision, so I can’t really think of anything too outrageous I’ve had to do off hand. Probably one of the saddest things I can remember though, during the height of BAPEmania 3 or 4 years ago, was getting a friend to give me a lift down to the Japan Centre at Piccadilly Circus on three separate occasions so I could buy Japanese fashion mags (at a cost of like eight quid) which had Bathing Ape freebies attached. I picked up a bag (gave away within a week), a bandana (got lost at uni somewhere) and some gloves (which my mum now uses for the gardening). The magazines were pretty good though.

P.S. I should make it clear – I never actually wore the bandana…”

Will Reid, Writer for Brandish
“Apart from the Fire Alarm Incident, I have not so fond memories of my Wannabe Punk/ Skater Dude stage…please tell me we all went through that! Plus, I had just been to Australia and had acquired a Great Barrier Reef garish, print t-shirt and worn with stripy wristbands it wasn’t so hot!

Ozzy! Ozzy! Ozzy! Oi! Oh no…”