Learn how to tie your shoelaces all over again – 34 times

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shoelace_styles.gifHands up who wants to know 30+ ways to lace their shoes?


OK, well sod ya, I’m going to point you laceways anyways. Ian’s Shoelace Site – as well as an endearingly straightforward name – has numerous intriguingly-titled styles of lacing for you to try out next time your electricity goes down.

I quite like (but would never in a million years use) the Footbag; I am a little envious of folk who can be bothered trying out the Ladder; and I’m trying to figure out the benefits of employing the rather elaborate Twistie.

There are 31 more styles for you to have fun with, plus tips, F.A.Qs, polls… All shoelace life is here. If this stuff floats your boat remember never to get arrested, because they take your laces off you if you go into custody. I’ve heard.

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