Vogue Germany- August 2008: Daniel Craig

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“Before Breakfast, I Am No Style Icon.”

It was revealed yesterday afternoon that the latest issue of Vogue Germany has a multiple cover. One goes to Toni Garrn and the other to Brandish fave, Daniel Craig.

Daniel is shot by Rankin in a relatively boring editorial, and the cover headline is “Mr. Style & Mrs. Chic.” I like the colour palette of hot red with the white-light background and cool colours of Craig’s outfit, but the pout is a bit off and the turn of this good-looker’s head makes it look as if he has an odd and inflamed left-ear.

Read on for some shocking German translations and more details of this issue.


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Inside the magazine, an editorial with Craig is yet to be revealed but with the PR Crew for the latest James Bond film, ‘Quantum of Solace,’ in full-drive, it is expected to crop up soon.

There is a mixed-gender editorial called ‘Mrs. Dandy’ that uses male models and male fashion to present a woman’s take on the gentleman dandy. It’s actually pretty good and uses a black model which, post-Vogue Italia, is great in the eyes of fashion folk.

Watch out for updates as we get more news on this issue but for now sit back and enjoy the cover title. Yes, I translated it with the infamously literal Google Translate but it is hilarious nonetheless.