Even Marc Jacobs can get chucked out of art galleries if he dresses badly enough

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marc_jacobs_page_1_image_0001.jpgThis is only slightly fashion related, but it was such an interesting story I had to share it. According to the New York Post, Marc Jacobs was asked to leave an art gallery because he looked like he was homeless.

An insider states “A low-level employee was disturbed to see this guy walking around and asked him to leave. [Jacobs] left without a whimper. When the owner, Lisa Spellman, found out, she fired [the clueless staffer] on the spot.”

This does leave one wondering – Just how poorly was he dressed? I’m going to make a guess and say that he was probably wearing some of those crumpled classics seen in the SS09 shows.

[Source: NYPost via Getkempt.com]