Spotted: Drop crotch trousers in Italy

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riccione drop crotch trouser baggy street style.jpgItaly might be one of the only places where the men dress better than the women. This is of course a massive generalisation but diamanté, stripper shoes and white capri pants will never be a match for the classic, timeless style that many Italian men adopt.

Dropped-crotch trousers was not something I expected to spot on holiday but I duly dug out my camera and snapped this young man before he rode off on his super cool spray-painted bike. I just wish I knew the Italian for ‘I’m not a creepy weirdo, honest’.

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His white kecks are given the classic treatment with a slouchy striped grey blazer which adds relaxed chic. I like the way he’s subtly matched the blazer with a battered pair of Superga pumps (an Italian staple), hats off!