Brandish Special- Celeb Style at The Batman ‘Dark Knight’ Premiere

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The new Batman film, Dark Knight, has been causing quite a stir throughout the film industry. Heath Ledger’s stellar acting, the new and improved Batmobile, the expectations thrust upon Christian Bale– all these things are no doubt exciting but how did the creative edge of this film translate onto the red carpet?

Read on for full details of this thriller evening.

The carpet was a slick black and as the night progressed it became clear that the premiere was a dedication and tribute to Heath Ledger, who’s tragic death as a result of an accidental drug overdose meant that ‘Dark Knight’ was his last film.

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aaroneckhart.jpgThe event, however, was a lively affair and appeared more a celebration of Ledger’s work than a saddened memory. Aaron Eckhart, who stars as Gotham City’s new District Attorney, stated that “I’m so sad he’s not here with us. We are going to honour him tonight.” Eckhart was classic cool in a black suit, slim tie and crisp white shirt.

emilehirschbatman.jpgEmile Hirsch looked slightly uncomfortable in his pin-stripe suit but the Brandish fave was manicured and neat while retaining his youthful spirit and rather Indie-chic look. He is yet to conform to the young-star formula but this is what separates him from the crowd. (Image: KPA/Zuma/Rex Features)

edwestwick.jpgEd Westwick, a personal style-icon of mine, appeared in a very on-trend camel suit with an open black shirt. The detailing of the suit was sublime and the lining was neat and clean- balancing the trinkets and chains Westwick used as accessories. This season’s fashion is about personal adaptation and the ones getting right are those who add a customise-detail. DIY has never been so in fashion.

ethanhawke.jpgEthan Hawke must have been in fashussion (that’s Brandish-speak for a ‘fashion discussion) with Westwick pre-premiere as he also rocked up in a camel suit. Unfortunately, with the jacket left open, a baseball cap and a casual white tee, Hawke wasn’t tailored and snappy enough. If you’re going to attempt the beige suit, precision is key and you need to stick to basic elements; the shirt, the colour contrast and the accessories.

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Michael Caine stars as Alfred Pennyworth, butler to Batman and strutted up the black carpet in a surprisingly on-trend blue/black combo (very Chanel!) Christian Bale (Batman,) worked the same colour combination and looked very laid-back and low-key without appearing to have not made an effort. Gary Oldman (Lt. James Gordon,) looked fantastic in a black suit and purple shirt. The suit was tailored and light enough to support the browns of Oldman’s tie. The glasses were a perfect mixture of Superhero chic- the geek waiting to become the main man.

(All Images: Rex Features)