Zoo Magazine: Music Issue 2008- Mick Jagger, Irina Lazareanu, Sean Lennon and Billy Idol

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zooCoverMick.jpgZoo Magazine has just released its Music issue with a set of four great covers. One sees Irina Lazareanu and Sean Lennon staring wide-eyes and iconic-indie towards the camera. The second cover is just Irina, the third is Mick Jagger with a peek of 64-year old (yet washboard) stomach and the fourth stars Billy Idol.

There are many (loosely) music-related editorials with a mixture of hot, young, glittering stars and a few major musicians such as the previously mentioned Mick Jagger, Billy Idol and also, Wyclef Jean and Sebastian Tellier.

Read on for more pictures and information.


A preview of Billy Idol’s great editorial.

The five editorials that we know about include ‘Really Riley’ with Riley Keough shot by Joe Lally. (Keough is the granddaughter of Elvis Presley.) Jade Jagger (need I introduce?) was shot by Terry Richardson for a promotion of her Belvedere Vodka icepick/stirrer and Irina gets 20 shots by Philip Gay for her ‘Model Musician’ shoot. Charlotte Hansen is shot by Eva Baales in ‘Charlotte’ and we’ve even heard that Josh Beech and Eliza Cummings are shot by Dancia in the editorial ‘I For An Eye.’

I have to be honest; this looks jammin’ (to use roughly music-related vocab.)

(Image Source: TFS, Zoo Magazine)


Irina shines in her mostly black and white editorial.


Irina’s cover.


Riley Keough in her editorial.