Five O’Clock Heroes start to regret letting Agyness Deyn sing with them

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Five O’Clock Heroes – who, it should be noted no one gave a toss about before making that awful song with Agyness Deyn – seem to be of the misguided notion that anyone actually cares about their music. Frontman Anthony Ellis stated:

“Whenever we have an interview now, all anyone ever asks us about is Agy. It can be really frustrating when the questions should be about music, not about who Agy’s dating and stuff like that.”

As this is Brandish, I feel it only fair to blame this all on their attire choices. If they didn’t dress like they’re popping down to their local Lidl, people might dream up a few more questions to ask them. I’m 110% sure that their lacklustre attire is the only reason the press isn’t asking them questions about their music.