Brandish Gallery: Heath Ledger

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Last night I went to see ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’ at a small, local film-house. The queues trailed out of the door and down the street- surely a first for such a small-scale cinema. Bearing in mind that this place sits in the middle of a village that doesn’t exactly boast of a youthful population, I knew there must be some reason they were flocking to watch a super-hero film. That reason is Heath Ledger. Entrancing, dark, clever, mesmerizing; he is all these things and more. The film is like a non-stop showcase of Ledger’s immense talent and after giving you the low-down on the premiere, I now give you a few of Ledger’s best looks.

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Image 1: Warner Br/ Everett/ Rex Features
Image 2: Newspix/ Rex Features
Image 3: Erik C. Pendizch/ Rex Features
Image 4: David Fisher/ Rex Features
Image 5: Elizabeth Goodenough/ Rex Features
Image 6 + 9: Charles Sykes/ Rex Features
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Image 10: Stewart Cook/ Rex Features