Justin Timberlake puts Ashton Kutcher (and his trucker cap) back in their place

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jt_fashionrockscover.jpgJustin Timberlake has lashed out at Ashton Kutcher over who was first responsible for making trucker caps cool. Yes, really.

The twinkle-toed singer made the call in an article for Vanity Fair’s Fashion Rocks supplement, where he claims that he and William Rast buddy, Trace Ayala, should be credited for starting the trend, and not the Punked! host.

“It’s funny, I keep hearing Ashton Kutcher say how he was responsible for trucker caps. I’ve heard him make that statement before, ” he said.

“Trace and I were wearing them when we were seventeen. We just kind of didn’t care. We kind of still don’t.”

Good. Because neither do we.