Retailers struggle to keep up with demand for male leggings

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mentights.jpgMen are the new women. It’s a debate that’s been swirling around for most of the 21st century. As if Alexander McQueen’s mankini and last week’s guyliner/manscara affair weren’t enough of a devastating blow to defenders of manliness everywhere, along comes news of the next big trend…

Sales of men’s tights are through the roof.

According to The Indy, ‘online site Legwear4men is struggling to cope with demand, while Mytights reports its new men’s line sold out almost immediately.’

I’ll have to admit I was so horrified by all this, I checked the American Apparel site to see how close this underwear revolution was to hitting the high street. Fortunately, there is no men’s leggings line…yet. Although, in light of recent events, it’s only a matter of time.

Men of the world, your masculinity passes have been revoked. Hand in your balls at the door.