Brandish Review: Korres Men’s Range Products

Will Reid Designer Spotlight, Grooming, Scent & Aftershave 2 Comments

korres.jpg“Oh golly gosh- that looks like it may be over 100ml. Oops for you!” *Grab* “Now, do you know how to reschedule a flight?” I’d like to say that the dragon-lady at Gatwick had spoiled my day by treating me like a dumb blonde (brunette guy by the way!) but it was truly ruined when she took my new Korres products.

The Ginseng Facial Fluid and Ruscus and Chestnut Eye Cream are two amazing products combining natural ingredients with that all improtant dermatological testing for an intense cosmetic experience.

Read on for the full review including product details and ingredients.

ginseng.jpgThe Ginseng Facial Fluid uses a “physiological oligomineral catalyst called “breakfast” for the skin, specially designed to provide a boost of energy and hydration. Ginseng extract enables the delivery of nutrients to the skin thus improving its tonicity and firmness.” Usually, this type of beauty speak makes me want to hide my toilet bag and run for the hills but this actually sums up exactly what the product does. After my encounter with said Dragon-Lady/ Airhostess, I threw on a bit of this and instantly felt refreshed and ready to face my flight. This is one product I won’t be giving up soon.

£13.00, 150ml at

eyecream.jpgI was slightly more apprehensive about the Ruscus and Chestnut Eye Cream but again, it left me feeling rejuvenated and really awake. It contains a natural sunscreen and is the ultimate in anti-ageing. While not visibly effective, this product doesn’t need to be; the user knows it’s working by the fact that for once they can face the morning.

£22.00, 15 ml at

I’ll definitely be using Korres products again.