“I’m Burial and so’s my wife, etc”

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From the gilded mouth of our My Chemical Toilet Editor, Stuart:

Are you ga-ga over Burial‘s album?

Are you? Really? Or do you feel you have to say that because loads of chinstrokers have? I have to admit I found the album dull. Maybe you need to listen to it on a night bus going through south London at 4am or something to really get into its dubstep vibe. I only travel by limo, so I don’t know if I’ll ever really “get it”.

For those who have bought into the Burial cult, though, these high-larious t-shirts will allow you to show that a) you’ve heard of him; b) you have “a sense of humour”; c) you are keen to let the world know these two facts through the medium of clothing.

Kind of a shame he appears to have just outed himself, then, although that is not confirmed at the time of writing and so on and so forth. See more Burial-related reasons to spunk money up the wall at I Am Burial

[via Dubber‘s Twitter]